Monday, November 14, 2022


I directed DRACULA by Hamilton Deane and John Balderston for the Amateur Comedy Club. We set the play in 1924 and added special effects, original music, fight choreography and a magic consultant! We wanted to make the show an "immersive experience." To that end, we had two pre-show events. 

The first was in Sniffen Court (the ACC is part of this historic mews). Dracula's undead "wife," Mina Weston (Julia Duffy), could be seen hovering near her photo, at her wake.

Julia Duffy played Wilhelmina Weston.

The second experience was in the theatre, itself. We positioned Renfield's cell in the audience, where he  could be viewed catching and eating insects through the window in his cell door. 

Richard Adler as Renfield

Alexa Poller as Van Helsing and Eric Kuzmuk as Dr. Seward
With the strength of 20 men, Dracula (Christopher Galiardo) hoists Renfield (Richard Adler) in the air, with the intention of killing him.
Welles (Alice Hale) is Dracula's minion where Lucy (Ziggy Schulting) is concerned.

The show ran October 26th--November 12th.

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