Wednesday, April 8, 2015

ROPE review!

Just saw this review from the new musical ROPE!

ROPE, by Mark Sickman, takes us back to a time where public hangings were a much celebrated extravaganza. It is 1895, in the Old West, and we are in Summit City, where William Maledon, the prince of hangmen, is about to conduct his last hanging. William, a man who prides himself on delivering “justice with dignity” is on the verge of retirement and accompanied by Mildred, his beautiful and ostentatious wife with lofty political ambitions. However, Mildred is not ready to leave the throne of public infamy and goes to despicable heights to safeguard her notoriety. ROPE is a wildly entertaining musical about the unholy  history of justice . With mastery and flair, director Debra Whitfield keeps the hoots and the tensions brewing. Along with a magnificent ensemble, Scott Schafer is a hysterical scene stealer. In ROPE, Sickman has created a spectacle of the best kind, one that holds a mirror to the absurdity of human ego.

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